Wood-fired sauna

Here you can enjoy the view to Leiråtind while you press out the last droplets of sweat after the tour of the day. Secluded you can run out into the snow and make your own angels:-)

2018-02-2510:11 Stein Simenstad

Just opposite Gammelhuset is the wood-fired sauna. It has a fantastic view through the big window. All our guests are most welcome to use the sauna. It will take about 30 minutes to reach a good temperature.  

Just inside there is a bench and possibilities to take of your shoes and outerwear. Towels are available.

Good luck and good warmth:-)

PRICE: Nok 500,- each time you would like to use it.

This includes wood and towels.

Stein Simenstad
The sauna at Beiarn Lodge
Stein Simenstad
The oven
Nice and varm in the sauna